Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Leon Pryce with his book

Finally a chance to have a pic with my book. since receiving my book from the publisher i have not got the opportunity to show you who i am with my book. i sincerely appreciate the strong support of my dedicated readers. thank you all for the love which is my only strength on this journey.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Value Yourself

Value yourself
It`s all I can say
Value yourself, everyday
Value yourself
No matter what
Other people might say

Start a journey
And value every step
All the way

Don`t look back
There`s no value back there
There`s no value back then
On going forward
And taking the value
Of your future
Into your hands

We are children of value
We were born in sin
But because God valued us
He still keeps us on the earth
To inherit it

You may ask
What is value?

How much money
Do you have in the bank?
What is the value
Of your house and car?
How much for the clothes
You are wearing?
Plus those jewelries
You are cherishing
That, my friend
Is not the definition
Of valuing yourself

We ignore the value within
And look for the value without
We seek that which
Cannot be found
In a treasure box
Beneath the deep blue seas
Because what is of utmost value
Is the core being
Of you and me

Love yourself
Respect yourself
And then you will be able
To value yourself

another poem from my book: IMMORTALIZED THROUGH POETRY


Immortalized Poster